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We’re a passionate group working for a global Voice to inspire and deliver a better tomorrow.

About Voice

If we are to make the most of the opportunity to live a happy, healthy, longer life we need a society where our lifestyles adapt as we move through life stages, and where organizations and businesses offer affordable user- and age- friendly products and services to support our needs throughout.

Voice is an international community of citizens that originated over 15 years ago in the UK (part of National Innovation Centre for Ageing (NICA) at Newcastle University) and is currently expanding globally with the mission to help create a world in which we all live better, for longer. Voice is in the early stages of establishing its US operations. To stay connected with our mission and be informed as we launch different parts of Voice - register your interest.

Voice stands for Valuing Our Intellectual Capital and Experience and it is a system of engagement, research, and innovation.

The Voice community works closely with organizations and businesses, supporting their growth at different stages and contributing to co-innovating, co-design, and co-developing valuable solutions. Community engagement is built on listening to the voice of the citizens, members, or participants, challenging the status quo or paradigms, and not just endorsing ideas. This approach allows leadership teams, founders, and entrepreneurs to gather valuable customer-centric input while facilitating lively debate and dialogue to test ideas, concepts, or solutions development to assess, iterate, adjust, and learn together effectively.

The community and methodology offer real-time feedback, rapid testing, practical advice, and suggestions to build confidence and trust while accelerating a wide range of products, services, solutions, and experiences-to-market people's wants and desires. This co-creative process intends to support the organization’s growth and positively impact society.

Brands we’ve been proud to work with:

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