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Voice is a global network of people, companies and institutions who are together creating solutions for healthier, wealthier and fulfilling longer lives. Voice is coming to the US.

Use your Voice to help shape a world where we can all live better for longer.

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Why Voice US?

We all have experience, wisdom and skills to share

Voice US engages citizens and communities of all ages (including older adults, families, carers and professionals) in research and innovation. Through our co-design methods, workshops and events, our Voice US community identifies unmet needs, priorities and aspirations - providing feedback on products, services, environments and experiences that enable current and future generations to live better for longer.

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What is Voice?

Voice connects people interested in healthy longevity, researchers and institutions via an online platform, publications and events to:

  • Influence: We engage regular citizens in research, co-design, and product testing - to ensure products, services, and offerings meet the needs and aspirations of citizens.
  • Innovate: We are building a global bank of insights, research and data about healthy aging.
  • Inspire: We are raising awareness about the value of lived experience and wisdom – harnessing older people's incredible ideas and knowledge.
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Why join Voice?

  • Contribute to research: We all have experience, wisdom, and skills to share. Share yours to shape the future of healthy aging. Contribute to projects, share your priorities, and ground them in the needs of real people.
  • Connect with community: Join a vibrant community of like-minded individuals aiming to make an impact on people's lives and shape the future of healthy aging. Connect to a global network, whether they are in your city, country, and or abroad.
  • Co-innovate with organizations: Help companies develop innovative solutions and approaches that ultimately help older people and their families thrive now and in the future.
  • Be Compensated: Get remunerated for your time and contributions (even if nominally).

Voice members have worked with over 100 organisations

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